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      Your Position :Support
      - Voltage detector IC
      - Reset IC
      - Li+ Battery Charger IC
      - Coin Battery Charger IC
      - LA Battery Charger IC
      - LiFePO4 Battery Charger IC
      - Solar Panel-Powered Charger IC
      - NIMH Battery Charger IC
      - SuperCapacitor Charger IC
      - WLED Driver
      - DC-DC Converter
      - LDO
      - Amplifiers
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      (1) Technical Support Engineer
      1. Making sales and application Kits of our ICs if required
      2.Promoting our ICs to Customers based on company strategy
      3. Learning Customers requirements and finding solutions so as to implement our products into Customers
      4. Tracing and handling problems from Customers on field, including hands-on experience designing, testing and
      5. Generating application notes to showcase product solutions
      6. Developing User Guides to assist Customers with designs
      1. At least bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering or related field
      2.Technical background in Analog / Power management
      3.Two-years of hands-on experiences in design, test and debug of Analog hardware
      4.Basic Customer service skills and interpersonal skill
      5.Ability to self-manage and meet deadlines
      6.Work both independently and with a cross-functional team
      7.Work Location: Shenzhen
      2Senior Analog Designer
      Location: Shanghai
      1.Specifications Refinements with System Engineers
      2.Perform Circuit Design Independently
      3.Verification of Targeted Performances
      4.Pre and Post Layout Circuit Simulations
      5.Participate in Layout Reviews to ensure best IC performances
      6.Must be able to leverage your expertise to provide team technical training
      1.A bachelor in Electrical Engineering with 3+ years of experience in analog or mixed signal IC design.
      2.Hands-on Experience with Design of Analog Power Management.
      3.A curious mind, open to new knowledge learning.
      4.Capability to Create Innovative Solutions, Protected by Patents Disclosure
      5.Exposure to Commercial CMOS Wafers Fab Technologies with Deep Understanding of CMOS Process technology.
      6.Familiar with Cadence Design & Simulation Suites
      7.Good written and verbal communication skills in English
      3Analog IC Layout Design Engineer
      Location: Shanghai
      1.Familiar with analog IC layout design flow.
      2.Best performance with optimized layout design.
      3.Complete layout physical verification.
      4.Complete the Sign-off process and inspection, and write layout design documents.
      1.A college degree or a bachelor in Electrical Engineering with 3+ years of experience in analog IC layout design.
      2.Cooperating and collaborating with Senior Analog Designer.
      3.Be patient and careful reconsideration to optimize layout performances
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